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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is designed as a district committee to assist parents, administrators, schools, teachers and the community in complying with the Parental Involvement regulations of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. By providing a more inclusive parent program, emphasis will be put on involvement; educators will be trained to work with parents, and parents will be prepared to assist their children; thus attaining the ultimate goal of increased student achievement. The PAC is not a forum to discuss individual students/staff problems or conflicts but NPSB PAC member(s) can help you communicate with the school administration by facilitating meetings or by sitting with you while you meet.



  1. We believe parents are the child's first teacher; therefore, they are important to the teacher/parent working relationship.
  2. We believe that the family is the single most powerful influence on a child's education.
  3. We believe that the parent's attitude toward school affects their child's attitude toward school.
  4. We believe that effective and consistent communication between home and school is essential for developing trust and understanding.
  5. We believe all children can learn when individual differences are recognized.
  6. We believe teachers and parents work cooperatively as facilitators for the successful development and education of the child.
  7. We believe that families who stress the school's importance have a positive impact on the child's education and are part of the child's learning.
  8. We believe building trust between parents and teachers contribute to student success.
  9. We believe that initial positive communication builds better relationships.



  1. To have all students reading and achieving successfully in math as measured by LEAP, iLEAP, and other school examinations.
  2. To increase the number of parent/school relationships and parent's involvement in the education process of their children.



  1. Coordinate and attend Math, Reading, Technology, and Nutrition Nights
  2. Discuss and assist parents with strategies of helping children at home
  3. Provide "make and take" workshops for parents to create instructional games for home
  4. Serve parents with homework assistance and tutoring
  5. Create and distribute parental involvement newsletters
  6. Help provide schools with materials and supplies
  7. Coordinate and assist with district or school functions and classroom procedures
  8. Check on and aid schools with corrective actions and improvement plans
  9. Help with Natchitoches Parish community meetings
  10. Coordinate and attend parent technology classes and workshops
  11. Outline and complete parent questionnaires
  12. Connect with community services to help families and schools
  13. Conduct fundraising opportunities and grant-writing


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