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Please use the following categories to locate appropriate Natchitoches Parish Education information.

Common Core State Standards

Five Resources to Help Parents Understand the Common Core

  1. Learning to Read the Core with Sarah Brown Wessling: Even though this webinar is for teachers, many parents have found it straightforward and accessible.
  2. PTA: Parent’s Guide to Student Success (available in Spanish too): These concise documents will give an overview of Common Core throughout the grades in parent-friendly terms.
  3. Parent Road Maps to the Common Core from Council of the Great City Schools: With more detail than the PTA guides, these maps — ELA and Math — hone in on some standards and offer ways to connect with them at home too.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions on the Common Core: From the writers of Common Core, this page addresses questions they often field.
  5. CCSS Changes and their Impact on Teaching: Read and listen as I address some of your questions about the Core’s impact on the classroom.

Read more about this announcement and procedures for providing feedback on the PARCC website.

Print the PDF version of this announcement provided by the PARCC website.

View the Draft Accommodations Manual & Frequently Asked Questions.

Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction Webpage
Susan Horne, Director of Curriculum and Education
Julee Wright, Supervisor of Middle School
Phone: 318-352-2358 Ext. 1177
Felicia Pinkney, Supervisor of High School (Grades 9 – 12)
Phone: 318-352-2358 Ext. 1190

Curriculum Resources

Renaissance Learning

Louisiana Department of Education

The Louisiana Department of Education has provided a revised Comprehensive Curriculum to every school district. The revised curriculum is aligned with the content standards that are defined by grade-level expectations (GLEs), are organized into coherent, time-bound units which contain sample activities and classroom assessments to guide teaching and learning.


Louisiana PASS

Visit the Louisiana Pass Website to take advantage of its resources.
From the Louisiana Pass Website:
“The PASS System contains web-based programs that Louisiana students can use to learn new skills and take practice tests.
The Reading Runway: Reading tutorials for Prekindergarten–grade 3 students
Newton’s Classroom: Mathematics tutorials and assessments for grades 1–8 students
PASS: Practice tests for LEAP, iLEAP, GEE, and EOC with instructional feedback for grades 3–12”

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

Visit the U.S. Department of Education NCLB/ESEA Page to find out more.

LDOE Accountability / Performance Resources

Visit the LDOE School & District Accountability Webpage to see the State’s entire Accounfusion_old_tability Structure and Search Options.
The LDOE offers detailed reports, comparisons and information on all testing and accountability related topics.
Downloadable reports are available in Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Excel Formats.

State & Federal Resources

For detailed information on state and federal level support and funding for K – 12 education, visit the Funding Area on the Louisiana Department of Education website.


Common Core State Standards

The federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires school districts to give students at schools identified for “school improvement” the option of transferring to another higher performing school. All students who are eligible for school choice will receive a letter in the mail. Only students who attend a school identified by the Louisiana State Department of Education for “school improvement” are eligible. Being identified for “school improvement” does not mean that the school is being closed. Transferring to a “receiving school” is a parental decision. However, students do not have to attend a different school.

The following is an excerpt from the USDOE Website:

“The No Child Left Behind Act provides new education options for many families. This federal law allows parents to choose other public schools or take advantage of free tutoring if their child attends a school that needs improvement. Also, parents can choose another public school if the school their child attends is unsafe. The law also supports the growth of more independent charter schools, funds some services for children in private schools, and provides certain protections for homeschooling parents. Finally, it requires that states and local school districts provide information to help parents make informed educational choices for their child.”

School Supplies

In most cases, School Supply Lists are provided by individual teachers according to grade & class or on the individual school websites. In some schools, necessary school supplies have been paid for with the resource fees collected. We will attempt to provide appropriate lists here for you to locate easily.
As of 1/1/2015, the links below are inactive. This message will disappear when the placeholders are linked.